Midwest Curling Association

The Midwest Curling Association (MCA) is a regional association of the United States Curling Association with member clubs in Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri.[1] The MCA organizes communication and competition between the nine member clubs as well as facilitating communication with the national association.

Midwest Curling Association
Membership9 curling clubs
AffiliationUnited States Curling Association
Official website
United States
Logo before name changed from Illinois Curling Association



When originally founded in 1945,[2] the organization represented more than 40 clubs from Nebraska, Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, and North Dakota. The Midwest Curling Association was dissolved on May 23, 1964, and Illinois was advised to create their own organization, so the Illinois Curling Association was founded. In 2014, the Illinois Curling Association began to support clubs outside the state which lead to the board deciding in 2018 to revert to the name Midwest Curling Association.[3][4]

Member clubs

State Club Name City Type Sheets Year Founded Notes
Illinois Chicago Curling Club[5][6] Northbrook Dedicated 4[6] 1948
Exmoor Country Club[5][7] Highland Park Dedicated 4 1938
Northwestern Curling Club[5] 2005 Curls at Chicago Curling Club
Waltham Curling Club[5][8] Triumph Dedicated 3[8] 1884[8]
Windy City Curling Club[5][9] Villa Park Dedicated 3[10] 2014 Arena club until summer 2019[11]
Wilmette Curling Club[5][12] Northbrook Dedicated 4 1968 Curls at Chicago Curling Club
Iowa Cedar Rapids Curling Club[5][13] Cedar Rapids Arena 6[10] 2012[14]
Des Moines Curling Club[5][15] Urbandale Arena 4[10] 2013[15]
Missouri St. Louis Curling Club[5][16] St Louis Arena 3[10] 2010


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