Middle Plantation (Davidsonville, Maryland)

Middle Plantation is a historic house and plantation in Davidsonville, Maryland, originally owned by the Huguenot, Mareen Duvall.[1][2][3][4] The original 600 acre tract was patented to him near the South River in 1664.[4]

Middle Plantation
General information
Address2621 Davidsonville, Road
Davidsonville, Maryland[1]
Coordinates38°57.972′N 76°39.813′W / 38.966200°N 76.663550°W / 38.966200; -76.663550
Construction startedcirca 1790[1]

Middle Plantation was described shortly after it was built "as luxurious and courtly as any of the manors of the English gentry."[5]

The plantation is identified by a historical marker.[6]


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