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Midden (disambiguation)

Midden is an old dump for domestic waste associated with past human occupation.

Midden may also refer to:

  • Packrat midden, a debris pile constructed by a woodrat
  • Privy midden, a toilet system that consisted of a privy associated with a midden (or middenstead)
  • Midden (slang), in Scotland and Northern England, refers to anything that is a mess, including people
  • Midden (farming), a place where farm yard manure from cows or other animals is collected
  • Midden (burrow), ground burrows that are used mostly for food storage
  • Dung midden, an animal toilet area or dunghill, also serving as a territorial marker
  • Midden (anvil), sites where rocks or similar items are available as natural anvils on which the animals habitually break open the shells
  • Octopus midden, a pile of debris that octopuses pile up to conceal the entrance of their dens

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