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Midōsuji (御堂筋, Midō-suji) Boulevard is the primary main street in central Osaka, Japan. It runs north-south, passing Umeda, Nakanoshima, Shinsaibashi, Dōtonbori, Ame-mura, and Namba districts. Underneath the street is the Midōsuji Line subway. Especially in autumn when leaves of the ginkgo roadside trees turn yellow, a beautiful landscape can be seen.

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Autumn in Mido-suji Osaka02n.jpg
Autumn colors along Midōsuji
Former name(s)Yodoyabashisuji (淀屋橋筋)
Length4.027 km (2.502 mi)
Width43.6 metres (143 ft)
LocationOsaka (Umeda, Nakanoshima, Shinsaibashi, Dōtonbori, Ame-mura, and Namba)
South end National Route 25 north in Namba
North end National Route 176 / National Route 423 in Kita-ku
Yodoyabashi intersection of Midōsuji


Route descriptionEdit

Midōsuji becomes the Shinmido-suji in Kita-ku, Osaka, running concurrently with Japan National Route 423. After travelling about 16 kilometres (9.9 mi) to the north it becomes the Minō Toll Road.[1] To the south, Midōsuji becomes the Kishu Highway[2] to the south.


In Edo period, Midosuji was just a narrow street called "Yodoyabashisuji (淀屋橋筋)". Midōsuji was built in the Taishō period, widening an existing north-south street and extending it to run all the way to Umeda in the north and Namba in the south.

Today Midōsuji is an ultra high-class shopping street, housing clothing stores by such brands as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, major hotels, and even an Apple flagship.[3]

The area has been referred to in songs by popular artists such as Hitomi Yaida on her 2006 album It's a New Day.[4]



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