Microregion of Meia Ponte

The Meia Ponte Microregion is a statistical region of Goiás state, Brazil created by the IBGE (Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística). It is located south of the state capital, Goiânia, and includes 21 municipalities with a total population of 338,147 inhabitants (2007). The total area is 21,229.00 km2. The region takes in the Meia Ponte River basin. The largest cities are Morrinhos, Goiatuba, Itumbiara, and Caldas Novas. The region has great variety in landscape. The north is hillier while the south is characterized by rolling plains with herds of beef cattle and plantations of corn and soybeans.

Meia Ponte
Location in Goias state
Location in Goias state
MesoregionSul Goiano
 • Total21,229 km2 (8,197 sq mi)
 • Total338,147
 • Density16/km2 (41/sq mi)


The microregion consists of the following municipalities:[1]

Name Population
Água Limpa 2,074
Aloândia 2,065
Bom Jesus de Goiás 19,574
Buriti Alegre 8,287
Cachoeira Dourada 7,567
Caldas Novas 62,204
Cromínia 3,618
Goiatuba 31,225
Inaciolândia 5,650
Itumbiara 88,109
Joviânia 6,731
Mairipotaba 2,655
Marzagão 2,053
Morrinhos 38,997
Panamá 2,618
Piracanjuba 23,310
Pontalina 16,226
Porteirão 3,008
Professor Jamil 3,298
Rio Quente 2,959
Vicentinópolis 5,919

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Coordinates: 17°44′38″S 48°37′33″W / 17.74389°S 48.62583°W / -17.74389; -48.62583