Small Business Party

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The Small Business Party (formerly Micro Business Party) is a political party registered in the Australian state of Western Australia.[1]

Small Business Party
LeaderJohn Golawski
Deputy LeaderCam Tinley
Party PresidentJohn Golawski
IdeologySupporting Australian Small Business


Micro Business PartyEdit

An earlier Small Business Party of Western Australia merged into the Micro Business Party (established in 2016) before the 2017 state election.[2]

In the 2017 Western Australian election, the Micro Business Party fielded 46 candidates in the Legislative Assembly (out of 59 electorates)[3] and 14 candidates across the six regions for the Legislative Council. The party received 13,211 first preference votes for Legislative Assembly seats (representing 1% of votes cast), and 7,484 votes for the Legislative Council.[4][5]

Name changeEdit

The party changed its name to Small Business Party at its May 2018 annual general meeting and the new name was officially recognised by the Western Australian Electoral Commission in October 2018.[6][1]


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