Michiyo Kogure (木暮実千代, Kogure Michiyo) (31 January 1918 – 13 June 1990) was a Japanese film actress. She appeared in 89 films between 1939 and 1984. She is known for her starring role as the headstrong housewife who begins to tire of her dull, earnest husband in The Flavor of Green Tea over Rice (1952).

Michiyo Kogure
Michiyo Kogure in Yuki fujin ezu (1950).jpg
Michiyo Kogure as Yuki Shinano in the Portrait of Madame Yuki 1950 film
Born(1918-01-31)31 January 1918
Died13 June 1990(1990-06-13) (aged 72)
Years active1939-1984
Kogure on the cover of Asahi Graph (March 1951)

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