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Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review

The Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review (MTTLR) is a scholarly technology law journal at the University of Michigan Law School.

Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review  
DisciplineLaw review
Publication details
Publication history
1994 to present
Standard abbreviations
Mich. Telecomm. & Tech. L. Rev.
Mich. Telecommun. Technol. Law Rev.
OCLC no.60637189


MTTLR is one of six legal journals published under the auspices of the University of Michigan Law School. The publication features a staff of over 50 student editors. MTTLR's office is located in the University of Michigan's Legal Research Building.

Subject MatterEdit

MTTLR is dedicated to promoting discourse and thought on the interrelated legal, social, business and public policy issues raised by technology. MTTLR provides a forum for examination of the concerns and tensions between law and technology. The articles in MTTLR advance legal reasoning and often serve as a catalyst for critical analysis of the complex issues that deal with development of the law and technology.


MTTLR is available in both print and electronic formats. MTTLR articles can be obtained at the MTTLR website for free, while print versions are available for a fee.


MTTLR was founded as a joint venture between the University of Michigan Law School and Ross Business School in 1994. MTTLR was one of the first law journals available over the internet in an electronic format. MTTLR published annually for its first eight volumes, but has since moved to semiannual publication.

MTTLR BlogEdit

In 2007, MTTLR launched a scholarly blog. The blog features posts written by student editors, guest writers, and faculty contributors. Posts on the blog vary in their length and formality, ranging from just a few sentences to lengthy discussions.


MTTLR has hosted ten different symposia that have covered a variety of topics involving the interplay of law and technology. The most recent symposium "Privacy, Technology, and the Law," examined the legal, business, and policy issues surrounding big data and privacy.

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