Michelle Young

Michelle Young is an American musician known for her work with the progressive rock group Glass Hammer.[1] Citing Kate Bush as an influence, Young was professionally trained in classical voice at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga.[2] She left her job as a legal secretary and receptionist in 1996 to pursue her professional career as a female vocalist in progressive rock.[2] A review of her album and a biography was published in the Fall 1996 issue of Progression magazine.[3]

In 2013, she collaborated with Glass Hammer once again, performing backing vocals for their 2014 album Ode to Echo.[4]


Solo albumsEdit

  • Song of the Siren (Naosha Records, 1996)
  • Marked for Madness (Naosha Records, 2001)

Performance and/or engineering and production creditsEdit

  • Glass Hammer: Journey of the Dunadan (Arion, 1993)
  • Glass Hammer: Perelandra (Arion, 1995)[5]
  • Greg White Hunt: Enter The Oriente (Bamboo Alchemy, 1996)
  • Glass Hammer: Live & Revived (Arion, 1997)
  • Greg White Hunt: Hidden Landscapes (Bamboo Alchemy, 1997)
  • Greg White Hunt: Bamboo Rain (Bamboo Alchemy, 1998)
  • L'homme du Nord: Kiwin Innu (ExCentric, 1998)
  • Clive Nolan & Oliver Wakeman: Jabberwocky (Verglas Music, 1999)
  • Rudi Buttas: R.U.D.Y.'s Journey (SB Records, 2001)
  • Trent Gardner: Leonardo, The Absolute Man (Magna Carta, 2001)
  • Clive Nolan & Oliver Wakeman: The Hound of the Baskervilles (Verglas Music, 2002)
  • Glass Hammer: Ode to Echo (Arion, 2014)


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