Michelle Bai

Michelle Bai (Chinese: 白冰; pinyin: Bái Bīng; born 2 May 1986) is a Chinese actress and singer.

Bai Bing
Michelle Bai Bing.jpg
Michelle Bai Bing in 2019.
Chen Dong (陈东)

(1986-05-02) May 2, 1986 (age 34)
Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
Other namesMichelle Bai
Alma materNorthwest University of Politics and Law
OccupationActress, singer
Years active2007-present
AgentEmperor Entertainment Group
Ding Yi
(m. 2013)

Bai is noted for her roles as Xue Baochai and Princess Yushu in the television series The Dream of Red Mansions (2010) and The Myth (2010) respectively.

Early life and educationEdit

Bai was born in a merchant family in Xi'an, Shaanxi on May 2, 1986. Bai was the class commissary in charge of studies when she was a pupil. From 2001 to 2004, she was educated in Xi'an No.1 High school. She entered Northwest University of Politics and Law in 2004, majoring in international law, where she graduated in 2008.[1]

Acting careerEdit

On July 26, 2004, Bai signed the Emperor Entertainment Group.

Bai had her first experience in front of the camera in 2007, and she was chosen to act as a supporting actor in the romantic comedy film Call for Love.[2]

She also appeared in various films such as Crossed Lines, Fit Lover, Looking for Jackie, Let the Bullets Fly, The Founding of a Party, Mr. & Mrs. Single, Shaolin, The Viral Factor and CZ12.

Bai gained fame for her starring role as Xue Baochai in The Dream of Red Mansions, adapted from Cao Xueqin's classical novel of the same title.[3]

In 2010, Bai played the role of Princess Yushu in the fantasy epic television series The Myth, for which she won the Huading Award for Favorite Actress.[4]

In 2013, Bai acted in the historical drama Heroes in Sui and Tang Dynasties directed by Chung Siu Hung, playing the role of Xiao Meiniang.[5]

Personal lifeEdit

On December 10, 2013, Bai married Chinese model Ding Yi (丁一).[6][7]



Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
2007 Call for Love 爱情呼叫转移 Zhou Xinrui
Crossed Lines 命运呼叫转移 Ouyang Lili [8]
2008 Fit Lover 爱情呼叫转移2 Tian Xian [9]
2009 Looking for Jackie 寻找成龙 Cameo
2010 Let the Bullets Fly 让子弹飞 Daiyu Qingwenzi [10]
2011 The Founding of a Party 建党伟业 Huang Shuyi Special appearance[11]
Mr. & Mrs. Single 隐婚男女 Zhang Jingyi [12]
Shaolin 新少林寺 Tian'er [13]
2012 The Viral Factor 逆战 Ice [14]
CZ12 十二生肖 Lily Special appearance[15]
2014 As the Light Goes Out 救火英雄 Yang Lin [16]
Kung Fu Killer 一个人的武林 Sinn Ying [17]
Forget All Remember N见钟情 Lü Wen [18]
2016 The Big Lie Bang 谎言大爆炸 Li Qing [19]
2017 Cook Up a Storm 决战食神 Mei You [20]
2018 Operation Red Sea 红海行动 [21]
Love Only 宇宙有爱浪漫同游 Song Wei [22]
Goddesses in the Flames of War 那些女人 [23]
2019 Fagara in Mara 花椒之味
2020 Love After Love 第一炉香 [24]

Television seriesEdit

Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
2007 让梦想走向阳光 Ya Nan
真情人生 Juanzi
2009 Happy Endings 完美结局 Chu Hong [25]
2010 The Dream of Red Mansions 新红楼梦 Xue Baochai
Bitter Coffee 苦咖啡 Shen Li [26]
The Myth 神话 Princess Yushu
2011 Water Guerrilla 水上游击队 Ding Yongmei [27]
War of Desire 凰图腾 Miu Fengyan [28]
2012 Palace II 宫锁珠帘 Wan Bin [29]
2013 Old Days in Shanghai 像火花像蝴蝶 Lu Xiuhe Special appearance
我要当空姐 Yu Meimei [30]
Painted Skin - The Resurrection 画皮之真爱无悔 Xiaowei [31]
Heroes in Sui and Tang Dynasties 隋唐演义 Xiao Meiniang
Prenuptial Agreement 婚前协议 Chu Zheng [32]
2015 徽骆驼 Bai Xiaoxiao [33]
The Four 少年四大名捕 Jiuweihu [34]
You Are My Sisters 你是我的姐妹 An Jing [35]
2016 Marshal Peng Dehuai 彭德怀元帅 Qi Xin Special appearance[36]
Ice Fantasy 幻城 Lian Ji (young) [37]
Magnificent Sword with Beauty 美人如玉剑如虹 Luo Pu [38]
The Legend of Flying Daggers 飞刀又见飞刀 Shangguan Xian (young) Special appearance[39]
2017 Tai-chi Master: The Ultimate Gateway 太极宗师之太极门 Liang Siluo [40]
Detective Dee 通天狄仁傑 Murong Yun Special appearance[41]
Legend of Heavenly Tear Phoenix Warriors 天泪传奇之凤凰无双 Gao Yan [42]
2018 Only Side by Side with You 南方有乔木 Wen Di [43]
The Evolution of Our Love 爱情进化论 He Xin [44]
2020 Winter Begonia 鬓边不是海棠红 Jiang Mengping [45]
Ode to Daughter of Great Tang 大唐女儿行
Sisters Who Make Waves 乘风破浪的姐姐 Cast member
TBA 无声恋曲 Shen Youyou [46]


English title Chinese title Notes
"Come and Go Freely" 独来独往
"Hope" 希望
"Ocean of Constellation" 星宿海
"Write Song for You" 写给你的歌
"I Want to Win" 想赢
"Beautiful Myth" 美丽的神话
"The Child" 领养星星的孩子
"Fallen Leaves" 落叶
"Wing" 翅膀
"I Know You Love Me" 我知道你爱我

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Nominated work Award Result Notes
2009 N/A 2nd Huading Award for Best New Actress Won [47]
2010 The Myth 4th Huading Award for Audience's Favorite Actress Won [48]
2011 Mr. & Mrs. Single 5th Huading Award for Best New Artist Won [49]
2014 Kung Fu Killer 6th Macau International Movie Festival for Best Supporting Actress Nominated


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