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Michele Carcano (Michael de Carcanis de Mediolano) (Lomazzo,[1] 1427- 20 March 1484) was an Italian Franciscan preacher. He is known for his part in founding the montes pietatis banking system, with Bernardine of Feltre, and for the marked anti-Semitism of his attacks on usury.[2]

Blessed Michele Carcano
Lomazzo Beato Michele Carcano.jpg
Universal preacher of the Church
Duchy of Milan,
Died20 March 1484
Duchy of Milan,
Venerated inCatholic Church
Feast20 March
Attributescross, skull,
PatronageSant'Anna Hospital chapel, Como

His sermons were later printed as Sermones quadragesimales fratris Michaelis de Mediolano de decem preceptis (1492). They include arguments in favour of religious art.[3]

Confessionale generale, 1500


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