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Michael Vosse (May 20, 1941 – January 20, 2014) was an American journalist and A&M Records publicist. He is best known as assistant to Brian Wilson during the formation of the Beach Boys' Brother Records and the recording of the album Smile (1966–67). His work also included limited time serving as a television producer, and narrator.

Michael Vosse
BornMay 20, 1941 (1941-05-20)
DiedJanuary 20, 2014(2014-01-20) (aged 72)[1]
OccupationWriter, journalist, publicist


During the 1960s, Vosse was an acquaintance of record producer David Anderle[2] and the Beach Boys' leader Brian Wilson, working under his employment as an assistant.[3][4] Vosse participated in the making of the unfinished album Smile, later reporting Wilson's infamous apprehensiveness upon hearing the Beatles' 1967 single "Strawberry Fields Forever".[5] Two years later, he expounded on his side of the Smile story within an editorial for the publication Fusion,[6] and in 2004, appeared as himself for the documentary Beautiful Dreamer: Brian Wilson and the Story of Smile.[7]

Following his relationship with the Beach Boys, Vosse worked for the Monterey Pop Festival committee,[8] and then as an assistant to the vice president of A&M Records, and was involved with the Flying Burrito Brothers.[9][10] He was assigned by the label to accompany them during their infamous cross-country tour in the late 1960s.[11]

In 1987, Vosse wrote, produced and narrated the television special "The Music Never Stopped" for KGO-TV.[citation needed]


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