Michael Matthews (director)

Michael Matthews is a South African writer, producer and director.[1] In 2017, he directed Five Fingers for Marseilles, a film that won best film category at 14th Africa Movie Academy Awards.[2]


Matthews is the director of Five Fingers for Marseilles, a film dubbed as South African first western film.[3] At the 14th Africa Movie Academy Awards, Five Fingers for Marseilles received 10 nominations, including awards for best film, best first feature film by a director and best cinematography. The film was also nominated for Best Achievement in Directing - Feature Film at 2017 South African Film and Television Awards.[4] For his role in the production of Apocalypse Now Now, a short film based on the book of same name, Matthews won best short film at the 12th South African Film and Television Awards.[5]


Feature films

Year Title Director Producer Writer
2017 Five Fingers for Marseilles Yes Yes Story
2020 Love and Monsters Yes No No

Short films

Year Title Director Producer
2009 Wideopen Yes Yes
2010 Sweetheart Yes Yes
2018 Apocalypse Now Now Yes Yes


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