Michael Mandel (economist)

Michael J. Mandel is an American economist, author and journalist. He is the Chief Economic Strategist for the Progressive Policy Institute, and president of South Mountain Economies, LLC.[1]

Mandel worked for 12-years for Businessweek, during his last eight years with the magazine, he held the position as Chief Economist. Mandel wrote more than 50 cover stories for Businessweek, and was the recipient of multiple awards; he was named as one of the top 100 business journalists of the 20th century, (2000) and won the Gerald Loeb Award (1998).[2]

Mandel is senior fellow at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, (Mack Institute for Innovation Management) and was appointed as a fellow at the Manufacturing Policy Initiative at Indiana University.[3][4]

Mandel attended Harvard University, where he holds a Ph.D. in economics.[2]


Mandel attended Harvard University, where he holds a Ph.D. in economics, (1985) his master's degree in economics, (1981) and his bachelor's degree in applied mathematics, (1978) graduating, summa cum laude. After receiving his PhD., Mandel served as Assistant economics professor at New York University Stern School of Business, until 1989.[2]

He travels the country, frequently as the keynote speaker, on the economy, technology, and new innovations. In March 24, 2007, he spoke at the Startup School at Stanford University.

Citizens for Clean Air and Water, hosted a 2-day forum March 25–26, 2008. Mandel spoke at the Coastal Georgia Center in Savannah, Georgia, and at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia, his presentation was titled, "What's next for the economy?"[5] In the same year he wrote for Der Spiegel.[6]

Awards and recognitionEdit

  • 2009 Finalist, Gerald Loeb Award, commentary category, for "Michael Mandel Columns," Businessweek[7]
  • 2006 Winner, Economic Journalist of the Year, by the World Leadership Forum[8]
  • 2002 Winner, Excellence in Economic Reporting, for "Teach Lead-Both Up and Down, Businessweek[9]
  • 2000 Named among the Top 100 Business News Luminaries of the 20th Century[2]
  • 1999 Finalist, National Magazine Awards[2]
  • 1998 Winner, Gerald Loeb Award in the magazine category, with Dean Foust for their "New Economy" package, Businessweek[10]
  • 1994 Finalist, Gerald Loeb Award[2]
  • 1994 Winner, National Magazine Awards[2]


Mandel is the author of a number of books and publications. A selection of his works is listed below.

  • The high-risk society: peril and promise in the new economy, 1st ed., Times Business, 1996.[11]
  • The Coming Internet Depression, Basic Books, 2000.[12]
  • Rational Exuberance: Silencing the Enemies of Growth and Why the Future Is Better Than You Think, 1st ed., HarperBusiness, 2004.[13]
  • Economics: the basics, McGraw-Hill, revised edition of the 2012 textbook, 2018.[14]


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