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Michael Bishop (sound engineer)

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Michael Joseph Bishop (born 1951) is an American recording engineer and record producer.

1972–1978, Bishop worked as a recording and mastering engineer at Cleveland Recording Company, Cleveland, Ohio. 1978-1988, Bishop was a recording & mastering engineer and studio manager at Suma Recording Studios, Painesville, Ohio. Bishop's first sessions for Telarc Records began in 1978 as a disk mastering engineer on the Lorin Maazel/Cleveland Orchestra direct-to-disk release: Direct From Cleveland, the first modern direct-to-disk orchestral recording. 1978-1988, Bishop worked as a freelance recording and mix engineer on a number of Telarc Records recording sessions. From 1988 to 2008, Bishop worked as the Chief Recording Engineer for Telarc Records, keeping Telarc at the technical forefront with 20- & 24-bit recording, surround recording, DTS surround releases, 192 kHz pcm recording, DSD recording technology, DVD-Audio releases, and SACD releases. Concord Music Group closed Telarc's Production Department in December 2008, ending the run of the last full-service in-house production staff at a record label.[1]

As of 2009, a few members of the original Telarc team, including Bishop, have created Five/Four Productions.[2] Five/Four Productions - http://Recording.Pro

He is the recipient of ten Grammy Awards:[3]