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Michael Clement Irving Gibbs (born September 25, 1937) is a Rhodesian-born English jazz composer, conductor, arranger and producer as well as a trombonist and keyboardist.

He is known for collaborations with vibraphonist Gary Burton, his student, and for his use of rock elements in orchestral jazz.



After recording with Graham Collier, John Dankworth, Kenny Wheeler and Mike Westbrook in the late 1960s, Gibbs released his first album, Michael Gibbs, in 1970.

From 1970 to 1974 Gibbs was musical director for the BBC TV comedy programme The Goodies. When he left the UK to take up a teaching position at Berklee, the musical director post was filled by Dave MacRae, a member of the band Gibbs had led in recording funk rock music for the show.

On 2nd October 2017 Gibbs was presented with a BASCA Gold Badge Award[1] in recognition of his unique contribution to music.


As leaderEdit

  • Michael Gibbs (Deram, 1970)
  • Tanglewood 63 (Deram, 1971)
  • In the Public Interest with Gary Burton (Polydor, 1974)
  • Seven Songs for Quartet and Chamber Orchestra (1974, ECM)
  • Directs the Only Chrome Waterfall Orchestra (Bronze, 1975)
  • Will Power with Neil Ardley, Ian Carr, Stan Tracey (Argo, 1975)
  • Europeana: Jazzphony No. 1 with Joachim Kuhn (ACT, 1995)
  • Nonsequence (Provocateur, 2001)
  • Here's a Song for You with the NDR Big Band, Norma Winstone (Fuzzy Moon, 2011)
  • Back in the Days with the NDR Big Band (Cuneiform, 2012)[2][3]
  • Mike Gibbs + 12 play Gil Evans (Whirlwind, 2013)
  • In My View with the NDR Big Band (Cuneiform, 2015)
  • Play a Bill Frisell Set List with the NDR Big Band (Cuneiform, 2015)
  • Festival 69 with Gary Burton (Turtle, 2018)


  • Secrets (1971)
  • Madame Sin (1972)
  • Intimate Reflections (1975)
  • Housekeeping (Varèse Sarabande, 1987)
  • Close My Eyes (1991)
  • Iron & Silk (The Fine Line, 1991)
  • Century (1993)
  • Hard-Boiled (The Fine Line, 1993)
  • Being Human (Varèse Sarabande, 1994)
  • Century/Close My Eyes (The Fine Line, 1994)

As sidemanEdit


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