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Michael G. Flood is an Australian sociologist and an Associate Professor at the Queensland University of Technology School of Justice.[1][2][3] Flood gained his doctorate in gender and sexuality studies from the Australian National University.[4] His areas of research are on violence against women, fathering, pro-feminism, domestic violence, the effects of pornography on young people, safe sex among heterosexual men, men's movements as a backlash to the feminist movement, men's relationships with each other and with women, homophobia, men's health, and gender justice. He is a regular contributor to and is regularly quoted in the media on these and other issues.[5]

Michael Flood
Born Michael G. Flood
Academic background
Alma mater Australian National University
Thesis Lust, trust and latex: why young heterosexual men don't use condoms (2000)
Academic work
Main interests Sociology

Flood is a co-editor of the International Encyclopedia of Men and Masculinities,[6] and the author of numerous academic papers on issues related to men and gender. Flood has also worked as a pro-feminist educator and activist, addressing men's violence against women. He coordinates, edits and contributes to XY, a pro-feminist website providing a range of commentary and research on men and masculinities, male sexuality, feminism, the men's movement and male violence from a feminist perspective. He also coordinates The Men's Bibliography, an online collection of over 22,000 works on men, masculinities, and gender.[7]


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