Michael Eklund

Michael Eklund is a Canadian television and film actor who is known for playing the role of the villain or antihero.[1][2][3][4][5] His characters are often described as being "creepy".[2][5][6][7][8][9]

Michael Eklund
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Years active2000–present

His roles include a kidnapper who terrorizes Halle Berry's character in the 2013 psychological thriller The Call, serial killer Barton Mathis in the second season of the superhero TV series Arrow, drug trafficker Zane Morgan in the second season of the psychological horror drama series Bates Motel (2014), Martin, the leader of a hedonist group called "The Rowdy 3" on the sci-fi TV series Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (2016–2017) and demon Bobo Del Rey on the sci-fi TV series Wynonna Earp (2016–2021).

Eklund won the 2008 Leo Award for Best Performance in a Supporting Role for his work on the 2007 Canadian crime drama and thriller film Walk All Over Me.[10]

In 2012 Eklund won the Best Actor award at Fantastic Fest for his role as Dr. Geoff Burton in the psychological thriller Errors of the Human Body.[11][12] He also won the 2013 Leo Award for Best Performance by a Male in a Feature Length Drama for the same role.[13][14]

In 2015 Eklund won the Best Actor award presented by the Union of British Columbia Performers and Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (UBCPA/ACTRA) for his portrayal of English photographer Eadweard Muybridge in the biographical film Eadweard.[15]

Early lifeEdit

Born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Eklund fell in love with the movies at five years of age when his mother took him to see his first movie.[1][13][16] He participated in school theatre then later decided to study painting at the Alberta College of Art in Calgary before dropping-out and moving to Vancouver in order to pursue an acting career.[13][17]



As an actor living in Vancouver (aka Hollywood North) Eklund has appeared on several Canadian and American television series filmed in the area.

His first television role was in 2000 as a police officer in an episode of the sci-fi series Dark Angel. Eklund appeared on an episode of Stargate SG-1 in 2002, and appeared in 2 episodes of Battlestar Galactica the following year.[18][19] In 2005 he appeared on the Canadian series Da Vinci's Inquest and Cold Squad.[19] He also had a recurring role on the Canadian mini-series Terminal City that same year.[18][19]

Eklund appeared in 2 episodes of Smallville in different roles in 2001 and 2007.[13][19] From 2005–2007 he played narcotics detective Rene Desjardins on the Canadian crime drama series Intelligence.[13][19] In 2007 Eklund also had a recurring role on the Canadian series Blood Ties.[19]

In 2008 Eklund appeared on an episode of Supernatural.[13] In 2009 and 2010 he appeared on episodes of the Canadian series Flashpoint . In 2010 he also appeared on episodes of the sci-fi series Caprica and Fringe. He also had a recurring role on the Canadian series Shattered that same year. In 2012 Eklund appeared in 2 episodes of the sci-fi thriller series Alcatraz.[13] He also appeared in an episode of Arrow in 2013.[19]

In 2014 Eklund played Zane Morgan, a recurring character in the second season of the psychological horror drama Bates Motel.[13][18][20] In 2015 he also played recurring character Robert Zorin on the Canadian sci-fi series Continuum.[1][19]

From 2016–2017 Eklund played Martin, the punk energy vampire on the series Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency[16][19] In 2018 he also appeared in 3 episodes of the sci-fi series Altered Carbon as Dimi 2, an illegal copy of character Dimitri Kadmin.[19]

In 2016 he also joined the cast of Wynonna Earp, a series filmed in Calgary, Alberta and surrounding rural areas. On the series Eklund plays Bobo Del Rey, a fur-coat wearing Revenant.[1][16]


In 2007 Eklund appeared in the Al Pacino thriller film 88 Minutes.[18] In 2009, he had a small role in Terry Gilliam's The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.[18]

He played Larry in the 2010 comedy-western film Gunless with Paul Gross[18] That same year Eklund appeared in the British-Canadian comedy film The Making of Plus One, a film that also played at Cannes in 2009.[18]

In 2011 he starred alongside Michael Biehn in the Xavier Gens thriller The Divide[18] He also played the character of Father in the apocalyptic siege warfare film The Day with Dominic Monaghan and Shawn Ashmore that same year.[18]

In 2013 Eklund played Michael Foster, a serial killer who kidnaps Abigail Breslin's character and terrorizes Halle Berry in the film The Call.[1][16]

Eklund has also collaborated three times with Calgary-based film director Robert Cuffley: In 2007, he played a crime boss’s enforcer in Cuffley’s dark comedy Walk All Over Me. In 2012, he played a desperate bartender in the violent thriller Ferocious and in 2016 he starred in Chokeslam as Luke Petrie, a friend of the film's protagonist.[16]



Year Title Role Notes
2000 The Other Side of Being Rhys
2001 Blackwoods Billy/Man
2002 K-9: P.I. Billy Cochran Direct-to-video
Stark Raving Mad Sickly Thin Guy
2003 House of the Dead Hugh
2006 Daingerfield Mr. Shorts Short film
Blowburn Teacher Short film
The Entrance Ryan James
Klatsassin Thief Short film
2007 Seed Executioner
When a Man Falls Hardware Store Cashier
88 Minutes J.T. Rycker
In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale Scout
Postal Disgruntled Man
Walk All over Me Aaron
BloodRayne 2: Deliverance The Preacher Direct-to-video
2008 Sarah in the Dark Jason Short film
Inconceivable Marlon Bell
2009 Watchmen Man in Riot Crowd
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus Tony's assistant
2010 Smokin' Aces 2: Assassins' Ball Navy Dude Direct-to-video
The Making of Plus One Dave Dallas
The Final Storm Co-op Man
Gunless Larry
2010 Guido Superstar: The Rise of Guido Rocket Yella
Hunt to Kill Geary
Exposed Man Short film
The Muse The Painter Short film
Messages Deleted Adam Brickles
2011 Pressed Jimmy
The Divide Bobby
Tactical Force Kenny
Sisters & Brothers Director
The Day Father
The Planting The Shooter Credited as Micheal Eklund
2012 Errors of the Human Body Geoffrey Burton
2013 The Marine 3: Homefront Eckert
Ferocious Eric
The Call Michael Foster
Assault on Wall Street McKay
Nurse 3D Richie
3 Days in Havana Intense Man
2014 Cruel & Unusual Julien
Primary Harry
See No Evil 2 Holden
Poker Night The Man
What an Idiot Bradley
2015 Eadweard Eadweard Muybridge Producer
Lower Bay
Vendetta Warden Snyder
Zoom Mustache Guy
Into the Forest Stan
Dark Benoit
Mr. Right Johnny Moon
2016 Dead Draw Mack
Chokeslam Luke Petrie
2017 Mercs Crisp Short film
The Sound Detective John Richards
The Hitman Never Dies Gus Producer
2018 West of Hell Roland Bursley
The Package Gas Station Attendant
2019 Cold Pursuit Speedo
2020 The Color Rose Detective Zankowski
Bright Hill Road Owen
Welcome to Death Road Jobe Direct-to-video
TBA The Farm Ekles Announced


Year Title Role Notes
2000 Dark Angel Officer Miller Season 1 episode 4: "Flushed"
Level 9 Chief Druid Season 1 episode 2: "DefCon"
Hollywood Off-Ramp Bob Season 1 episode 26: "Lights, Camera, Reaction"
2001 The Outer Limits Jacob Season 7 episode 3: "A New Life"
Sk8 Skater
The Lone Gunmen Weiner Man/Clerk 2 episodes
Special Unit 2 White Guy Season 2 episode 7: "White Guy"
2001-2007 Smallville Richter Maddox/Will 2 episodes
2002 Living with the Dead Ronnie Higgins TV movie
Mysterious Ways Max Arnette Season 2 episode 21: "Listen"
Jeremiah Vernon Diggs Season 1 episode 12: "The Touch"
Stargate SG-1 Dark-haired Man Season 6 episode 5: "Nightwalkers"
Haunted Stan Episode 1: "Pilot"
We'll Meet Again Tommy Barry TV movie
Killer Bees! Deputy Slim TV movie
Critical Assembly Jefferson TV movie
2003 Still Life Dirt Bag Guy Season 1 episode 2: "Evidence"
Dead Like Me Male Protester Season 1 episode 3: "Curious George"
Romeo! Sam Season 1 episode 3: "Let's Make a Deal"
Battlestar Galactica Prosna Miniseries
2004 Touching Evil Carl Burgess Episode 12: "No Mercy"
The 4400 Dean Keating Season 1 episode 4: "Trial By Fire"
Deadly Visions Steven TV movie
A Beachcombers Christmas Mickey Buchanan TV movie
2005 Da Vinci's Inquest Horvath 2 episodes
Cold Squad Rick Barnes Season 7 episode 10: "Borders"
Godiva's Johnny G. Season 1 episode 2: "The Hungry Ghost"
Painkiller Jane Dude TV movie
Terminal City Henry Lundquist Main role
10 episode
Zixx: Level Two Earl 3 episodes
2005-2007 Intelligence Rene Desjardins 13 episodes
2006 Masters of Horror Cashier Season 1 episode 11: "Pick Me Up"
Eight Days to Live Weaver TV movie
Saved Smelly Bill Episode 4: "Fog"
Alice, I Think Marcus 13 episodes
2007 Termination Point Liam TV movie
Blood Ties Norman Bridewell 3 episodes
Traveler Jimmy 2 episodes
Flash Gordon Quin Episode 7: "Alliances (Part 1)"
2007-2014 Psych Floor Manager/Ruben Leonard 2 episodes
2008 Supernatural Ed Brewer Season 4 episode 5: Supernatural (season 4)|"Monster Movie"
2009 Zixx: Level Three Merle Season 3 episode 7: "My Name Isn't Earl"
The Gambler, the Girl and the Gunslinger Red TV movie
Revolution Sgt. Yun TV movie
2009-2010 Flashpoint Bruce DeMaura/Bruce 2 episodes
2010 Caprica Waylon Episode 3: "Rebirth"
The Bridge Dex Episode 4: "The Unguarded Moment"
Fringe Milo Episode: "The Plateau"
Shattered Nick Ducet 7 episodes
2011 True Justice Miles Toole 2 episodes
Endgame Deacon Episode 12: "Polar Opposites"
Kits Jed TV movie
2012 Alcatraz Kit Nelson 2 episodes
2013 Tom Dick & Harriet Reese Danzinger TV movie
Arrow Barton Mathis/Dollmaker 2 episodes
2014 Almost Human Eric Lathem Episode 12: "Beholder"
Bates Motel Zane Morgan 8 episodes
2015 Gotham Bob Season 1 episode 13: "Welcome Back, Jim Gordon"
Continuum Robert Zorin 5 episodes
2016–present Wynonna Earp Bobo Del Rey/Robert Svane 13 episodes
2016–2017 Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Martin Main cast
8 episodes
2018 Altered Carbon Dimi the Twin/The Patchwork Man 3 episodes
2018-2019 Van Helsing Abraham Van Helsing 3 episodes
2019 The Twilight Zone Otto Season 1 episode 8: "Point of Origin"
2020 Legends of Tomorrow Grigori Rasputin Season 5 episode 2: "Meet the Legends"
2021 Debris Black Market Dealer Episode 1: "Pilot"


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