Michael A. Martin

Michael A. Martin is an American author.[1]

Most of Martin's works have been written in collaboration with partner Andy Mangels, who brought him aboard as a co-writer in 1997 for the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine comics at Marvel. Together, they concluded the events of the cult-hit television series Roswell (which had ended in somewhat of a cliffhanger) in their books Pursuit and Turnabout. He also collaborated with Mangels on "Stolen Heart", a short story for Tales of Zorro, edited by Richard Dean Starr and published by Moonstone Books in 2008.

Martin has worked with Mangels on the Star Trek: Enterprise relaunch novels. Three were written together, but the fourth, The Romulan War: Beneath the Raptor's Wing, will be written by Martin alone. With Mangels as co-writer, Martin has also written eight other Trek novels, and multiple short stories.

Star Trek novelsEdit