Miša Molk

Miša Molk (born September 6, 1954 in Vrhnika) is a journalist and television personality based in Slovenia. Molk graduated with a university degree from the Ljubljana Faculty of Social Sciences. Her professional career has always been tied to the television business and RTV Slovenija.

Miša Molk
Born (1954-09-06) September 6, 1954 (age 66)
Known forTV Personality


Television presenter, producer, editor and journalist, Molk is a well known in Slovenia. Also a talk show presenter, she is very much connected to the Eurovision Song Contest and is a member of the Reference Group in the European Broadcasting Union.


  • Writing for national newspapers and magazine RTV SLO
  • Youth Programme/weekly: presenter and author
  • Entertainment Programme: TV quiz about international history and culture
  • Eurovision Song Contest: commentator (1986, 1987 and 1989), Yugoslav spokesperson (1988)
  • Song festivals: presenter


Student Center of Ljubljana University

  • Manager of activities of students' interests, art courses, literary meetings, public tribunes about students' life and problems, organizing sport events, etc.


TV Slovenia

  • Producer and presenter in the Entertainment Department:
  1. Criss-Cross talk show, running 15 years
  2. It's true, very successful talk show about the intimate and emotional life of the celebrity guests
  3. Eurovision Song Contest, commentator (1990-1992, 1996-2000), Slovene spokesperson (1993 and 1995)
  4. Jazz and pop music festivals
  5. Writing in newspaper the agony columns; advice about life problems
  6. Co-producer of travel shows: about the culture, entertainment and tourism of a certain region.


  • Producer and presenter of the talk show It’s true (till June 2003)
  • Head of Entertainment and Sports at RTV SLO
  • Public Broadcaster


  • Executive Project Manager
  • Ombudsman for viewers' and listeners' rights (May 2008)

Other activitiesEdit

  • Writing columns in national newspapers about men-women relations, prejudices, education, habits, politics etc.
  • Presenting and producing national events on and off screen
  • Anchor of interview programs on national television and magazines
  • Member of EBU (European Broadcasting Union) Reference Group / making rules and decisions about preparation of the Eurovision Song Contest
  • Member of EBU Format Group
  • Vice president of EBU TV Bureau Light Entertainment Experts Group / developing new Entertainment formats and co productions
  • Member of Board of RTV SLO
  • Chairman of the jury awarding the annual biggest achievements on RTV SLO


Viktor six times (awarded by the Stop magazine), Kristalni globus twice (awarded by Nedeljski dnevnik magazine), Zlati ekran twice (awarded by 7D-Monitor magazine).