Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution

Mewtwo Strikes Back: EVOLUTION[a] is a 2019 Japanese computer-animated film directed by Kunihiko Yuyama and Motonori Sakakibara. The film is the 22nd installment in the Pokémon film series and is a CGI remake of the first film. It was released in Japan on July 12, 2019 by Toho. The film was animated at OLM's CGI unit.[2]

Mewtwo Strikes Back: EVOLUTION
Japaneseミュウツーの逆襲 EVOLUTION
HepburnMyūtsū no Gyakushū EVOLUTION
Directed byKunihiko Yuyama
Motonori Sakakibara
Screenplay byTakeshi Shudo
Based onPokémon by Satoshi Tajiri
Music byShinji Miyazaki
Distributed byToho
Release date
  • July 4, 2019 (2019-07-04) (Los Angeles)
  • July 12, 2019 (2019-07-12) (Japan)
Box office¥2.75 billion[1]


Scientist Dr. Fuji is hired by Giovanni, leader of Team Rocket, to utilize his expertise in cloning in order to create a living weapon based on an eyelash from legendary Pokémon Mew to create the weapon eventually gains sentience and is named Mewtwo.

Several years later, Mewtwo has fully awakening from a long slumber in a laboratory on New Island, he learns of his origin as Mew's clone from Dr. Fuji. Infuriated that Fuji and his colleagues see him as nothing more than an experiment, he unleashes his psychic powers and destroys the laboratory, killing Fuji and the rest of the scientists. Giovanni, witnessing the carnage afar, approaches and convinces Mewtwo to work with him to hone his powers. However, after Mewtwo learns of his purpose to be a weapon for Giovanni's benefit, he escapes back to New Island where he plots revenge against humanity.

After Mewtwo rebuilds the laboratory and establishes base there, he invites several trainers with hologram messages to battle the world's greatest Pokémon trainer at New Island. Ash, Misty, and Brock receive a message and accept the invitation, but when they arrive at the port city, Old Shore Wharf, Mewtwo creates a storm, causing the boats on the wharf to be closed off for safety. As a result, Ash's group are picked up by Team Rocket disguised as captain on a Lapras-shaped sailboat. After the storm sinks their vessel in the middle of the ocean, Ash and his friends use their Pokémon instead to reach New Island.

Escorted into the island's palace by the woman who appeared on the hologram, Ash and the other trainers who were able to reach the island encounter Mewtwo. The woman is revealed to be a brainwashed Nurse Joy after she is released from Mewtwo's mind control. After describing his plot to use the storm to wipe out humanity and Pokémon loyal to humans, Mewtwo challenges the trainers using cloned Pokémon coincidentally modeled after the deceased friends from his childhood. Meanwhile, Team Rocket also reach New Island and explore its inner sanctum with a Mew innocuously following them. After Mewtwo's clones effortlessly defeat the challengers' Pokémon, he confiscates them and expands his clone army. Ash chases after his captured Pikachu down the cloning lab, where Team Rocket's Meowth is also cloned. Ash destroys the cloning machine, frees the captured Pokémon, and leads them to confront Mewtwo and his clones. Mew then reveals itself and Mewtwo challenges it in order to prove his superiority.

All of the Pokémon originals battle their clones save for a defiant Pikachu and Meowth, who makes peace with his own clone after realizing the senselessness of their fighting. Horrified at the pain and anguish felt on both sides of the battle, Ash puts himself in between a psychic blast caused by Mewtwo and Mew's fighting, leading to Ash to become petrified. Pikachu tries to revive Ash with its electricity but fails. However, the tears of the Pokémon, as per a legend mentioned earlier in the movie, are able to heal and revive Ash. Moved by Ash's sacrifice, Mewtwo realizes that he should not have to be judged by his origins but rather his choices in life. Departing with Mew and the clones, Mewtwo turns back time to just before the trainers leave Old Shore Wharf, and erases everyone's memories of the event.

Back in Old Shore Wharf, the now-restored Nurse Joy has returned to reopen the Pokémon Center to shelter the trainers. The storm outside clears up, Ash spotting Mew flying through the clouds and tells his friends of how he saw another legendary Pokémon the day he left Pallet Town. Meanwhile, Team Rocket find themselves stranded on New Island but enjoy their time there.

After the credits, a brief scene shows Mewtwo and the clones has flying towards the Mount Quena.


Character Japanese
Satoshi Rica Matsumoto
Kasumi Mayumi Iizuka
Takeshi Yuji Ueda
Pikachu Ikue Ōtani
Togepi Satomi Korogi
Musashi Megumi Hayashibara
Kojirō Shin-ichiro Miki
Nyarth Inuko Inuyama
Narrator Unshō Ishizuka
Sakaki Kenta Miyake
Dr. Fuji Minoru Inaba
Mew Kōichi Yamadera
Mewtwo Masachika Ichimura
Voyager Sachiko Kobayashi
Sorao Hiroshi Kamiya
Sweet Ayane Sakura
Umio Hiroyuki Yoshino
Raymond Raymond Johnson


The film was announced on December 14, 2018.[3] Despite Unshō Ishizuka's death on August 13, 2018, the staff confirmed that his narration work was featured in the film.


Theatrical runEdit

The film was released on July 12, 2019, by Toho in Japan. A special Mewtwo (for use only in Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!) is being distributed in Japan from April 12 to September 30 for purchasers of premium advance tickets.[2] The film had its world premiere at Anime Expo 2019 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Home mediaEdit

The movie was released on DVD and Blu-ray in Japan on December 18, 2019.[4][5]


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  1. ^ Originally released in Japan as Mewtwo Strikes Back: EVOLUTION (ミュウツーの逆襲 EVOLUTION, Myūtsū no Gyakushū EVOLUTION)

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