Metropolitan Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Niterói

The Metropolitan Cathedral of St. John the Baptist[1][2] (Portuguese: Catedral Metropolitana São João Batista) Also Niterói Cathedral It is a Catholic temple built in late colonial style in the city of Niterói, in the state of Rio de Janeiro in the south of Brazil.[3][4] It is located in Jardim São João, set of landscaped squares in the historical center of the city.

Metropolitan Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
Catedral Metropolitana São João Batista
Catedral de São João.jpg
Country Brazil
DenominationRoman Catholic Church

It has two bell towers and a rich religious decoration.

With the creation of the Royal Ville of Praia Grande, in Niteroi, in 1819, was designed to build a new headquarters at the front of the village.

The land was obtained from a donation in 1821 that was received by the Brotherhood of St. John the Baptist, which existed since 1742. In 1831, as the Vicar was Friar Tomaz Aquino, the new temple was blessed, for which the Blessed Sacrament was moved and the Images that were in the church of Our Lady of the Conception. It was declared a cathedral in 1908.

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