Metro Magazine

Metro Magazine is a trade magazine for bus and rail transit and motorcoach operators, published in the United States since 1904, taking its current name in 1975.[1] It is published monthly, except for July and December, by Bobit Business Media.[2] The magazine is headquartered in Torrance, California.[3]

CategoriesTrade magazine
Frequency10 per year
Year founded1904
CompanyBobit Business Media
CountryUnited States
Based inTorrance, California


First published in 1904 as Electric Traction Weekly, the magazine became a monthly in 1912 and changed its name to the Electric Traction and Bus Journal in 1932.[1] That name was relatively short-lived, being replaced by Mass Transportation in 1935. Its publisher at that time was Kenfield-Davis Publishing Company.[4] In 1959, new owner Hitchcock Publishing renamed the magazine Modern Passenger Transportation, but in 1961 this was changed to Metropolitan Transportation and in 1965 yet again, to simply Metropolitan.[1] In 1964 Bobit Publishing (now Bobit Business Media) purchased Metropolitan[5] and in 1975 shortened the name to Metro (or Metro Magazine), which the magazine itself writes as METRO.[1]


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