Messiah Mission Church (New York City)

Messiah Mission Church, also known as Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church, was a Lutheran church in the Inwood neighborhood of Manhattan. The congregation was founded in 1916 and a two-storey brick school and chapel was built 1926 to designs by George W. Conable 46 West 24th Street, at 198-200 Sherman Avenue. The pastor who built the 1926 school church was Frederick P. Wilhem of 609 West 204th Street.[2][1]

Messiah Mission Church
General information
Town or cityNew York, New York
CountryUnited States of America
Construction started1926[1]
ClientMessiah Evangelical Lutheran Church[1]
Technical details
Structural systembrick masonry
Design and construction
ArchitectGeorge W. Conable 46 West 24th Street[1]

Messiah merged in 1945 with St. Matthew's Lutheran Church with that congregation moving into Messiah's building. Messiah's church was sold when St. Matthew's (with Messiah) moved into a newly built church at 202 Sherman Avenue, Inwood, in 1957.[3][4]


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Coordinates: 40°51′56″N 73°55′18″W / 40.86554°N 73.92173°W / 40.86554; -73.92173