Merrion Street

Merrion Street (/ˈmɛrən/; Irish: Sráid Mhuirfean) is a major Georgian street on the southside of Dublin, Ireland, which runs along one side of Merrion Square. It is divided into Merrion Street Lower (north end), Merrion Square West and Merrion Street Upper (south end).

Merrion Street
Government Buildings in Merrion Street, formerly the Royal College of Science
Merrion Street is located in Central Dublin
Merrion Street
Native nameSráid Mhuirfean  (Irish)
NamesakeMerrion Castle, seat of the Viscounts FitzWilliam
Length450 m (1,480 ft)
Width30 metres (98 ft)
LocationDublin, Ireland
Postal codeD02
Coordinates53°20′20″N 6°15′10″W / 53.33889°N 6.25278°W / 53.33889; -6.25278Coordinates: 53°20′20″N 6°15′10″W / 53.33889°N 6.25278°W / 53.33889; -6.25278
north endLincoln Place, Fenian Street
south endMerrion Row, Ely Place, Baggot Street Lower
Known forGovernment Buildings, Georgian architecture

The garden entrance of Leinster House is located on the street, as is Irish Government Buildings, formerly the Royal College of Science for Ireland. Some reports suggest that Field Marshal The 1st Duke of Wellington was born in his family's Mornington House on the street. The house is now a hotel.

The street was originally lined on both sides by Georgian houses. However between 1904 and 1922 all the houses on one side of the street were demolished and replaced by the Royal College of Science for Ireland, which was designed by Sir Aston Webb.

The term "Merrion Street" is often used as shorthand for Irish Government in the same way as Whitehall or Downing Street is used to refer to the British government.[citation needed] The official Irish Government news service website is called[1]

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