Merikoski Power Plant is a hydroelectric power station and a dam in the Koskikeskus district in Oulu, Finland. The plant is owned by the Oulun Energia municipal enterprise of the city of Oulu.

Merikoski Power Station
Merikoski Power Plant is located in Finland
Merikoski Power Plant
Location of Merikoski Power Station in Finland
Official nameMerikosken voimalaitos
Coordinates65°01′22″N 25°28′24″E / 65.02278°N 25.47333°E / 65.02278; 25.47333
Construction began1940 (1940)
Opening date1948 (1948)
Owner(s)Oulun Energia
Dam and spillways
Height11 m[1]
Spillway typegates
Power Station
Installed capacity39 MW[1]
Annual generation289 GWh (2012)[1]

Construction of the power plant was started in 1940, but electricity generation for national grid was not started until 1948. The construction was delayed due to Second World War, although soviet prisoners of war were used as labour during the war.[2] The power station building has been designed by architect Bertel Strömmer and the master plan of the area by architect Alvar Aalto.[3]

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