Merchants and Miners Transportation Company

Merchants and Miners Transportation Company, often called M&M and Queen of Sea, was a major cargo and passenger shipping company founded in 1852 in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1852 is started with routes from Baltimore and Boston two wooden side wheelers ships. In 1859 M&M added two iron hulled steamers to its fleet. In 1866, post Civil War, M&M added routes to Providence, Rhode Island, Norfolk and Savannah, Georgia. In 1876 M&M purchased the Baltimore & Savannah Steamship Company add routes to Savannah, Jacksonville and Charleston. In 1907 the Winsor Line of Philadelphia's J. S. Winslow & Company of Portland, Maine was purchased, with seven steamships. The Winsor Line was founded in 1884 by J. S. Winslow. The Winsor Line first route was from Norfolk, Virginia to New England ports, supplying West Virginia coal. The Winsor Line sailing ship Addie M. Lawrence took ammunition to Europe during World War I. By World War II M&M had a fleet of 18 ships and add routes to Miami. With the outbreak of World War II the War Shipping Administration requisitioned Merchants and Miners Transportation Company fleet of ships for the war effort.[1][2][3]

Merchants and Miners Transportation Company
IndustryShipping, Passenger
Founded1852 (1852) in Baltimore, Maryland, United States
FateClosed and sold off in 1952
Area served
East Coast of the United States
SS Suwannee, Merchants and Miners, Queen of Sea ship in 1912

During World War II Merchants and Miners Transportation Company operated Merchant navy ships for the United States Shipping Board. During World War II Merchants and Miners Transportation Company was active with charter shipping with the Maritime Commission and War Shipping Administration. Merchants and Miners Transportation Company operated Liberty ships for the merchant navy. The ship was run by its Merchants and Miners Transportation Company crew and the US Navy supplied United States Navy Armed Guards to man the deck guns and radio.

Post World War II, with an aging fleet of ships, the shareholders sold off the fleet of ships, did not buy any surplus warships and closed in 1948.[1]

Jacob S. Winslow edit

Captain Jacob S. Winslow (1827-1902) founded the sailing ship company Winsor Line in 1861, he was born in Pembroke, Maine. He started as a seaman at age 14 and at 19 was the captain of his own ship. He had two shipyards that built over 100 ships, one in Portland, the Winslow Shipbuilding Company and one in Pembroke, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, Canada. In 1919 Captain W.A. Magee joined Winslow Shipbuilding Company as VP and GM.[4] Winslow was an abolitionist and politically active, he had the nickname of "barefoot". Winslow married Philena Morton (1832-1877) in 1853.[5][6]

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A Victory ship of World War II
Liberty ship of World War II

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All ship owned by Merchants and Miners Transportation Company:[2]

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