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Menrva is the largest crater on Titan, with a diameter of 392 kilometers.[1] The crater is a heavily eroded double ringed impact basin, similar to the impact related features of Mars and Mercury.[2] This is evident by Menrva's distinct lack of a central peak, indicating modification of the crater's surface since formation.[3] It has been estimated that Menrva is approximately 2.8 kilometers deep.

Crater Menrva on Titan 2005-02-15.jpg
Cassini view of a portion of Menrva, taken on February 15, 2005
Feature typeCrater
Coordinates20°06′N 87°12′W / 20.1°N 87.2°W / 20.1; -87.2Coordinates: 20°06′N 87°12′W / 20.1°N 87.2°W / 20.1; -87.2
Diameter392 km [1]

A network of channels known as Elivagar Flumina flow away from the crest of the crater into a catchment basin.[4]

The feature is named after the goddess of wisdom in Etruscan mythology, Menrva.[1]


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