Memorial Ossuary, Cer

Memorial Ossuary Cer (Serbian: Спомен костурница на Церу / Spomen kosturnica na Ceru) was built in the village Tekeriš on the mountain Cer. The remains of the killed Serbian soldiers after the Battle of Cer in World War I were buried there. Memorial ossuary Cer is on the list of Immovable Cultural Heritage of Exceptional Importance.[1][2]

Memorial ossuary Cer
Tekeriš, Spomenik cerskim junacima, 03.jpg
Memorial ossuary
For World War I heroes


During World War I, there was a fierce battle between the Serbian and Austro-Hungarian army at the mountain Cer. The decisive battle took place in the village Tekeriš, on the southeastern slopes of the mountain, from the 15th to the 19th of August 1914. Serbia won a victory but lost 16,304 fighters, which was significantly less than 25,000 lost from the Austro-Hungarian side. Memorial Ossuary was discovered on June 28, 1928. Around 3,500 Serbian soldiers and killed Czechs, members of the 28th Regiment of Prague, who moved to the Serbian positions to surrender, were buried there.[2]


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