Mellah Slimane Bridge is a 125 m long suspension Footbridge across the Rhumel River in Constantine, Algeria. It was opened in April 1925 and until it was the 3rd highest bridge in the world at 110 m. The bridge was designed by Ferdinand Arnodin and links Larbi Ben M'hidi Larbi Street to Romania Road which means it connects the train station neighbourhood to the centre of the old town, this connection is via a staircase, or the Merdersa lift. It is located halfway between Sidi Rached bridge and Bab El Kantra Bridge. The bridge underwent restoration in 2000 when its cables were replaced by the Algerian company SAPTA.[3]

Mellah Slimane Bridge

جسر ملاح سليمان
Sidi M'Cid Bridge over the Rhumel River
Coordinates36°21′58″N 6°36′54″E / 36.36611°N 6.61500°E / 36.36611; 6.61500
CrossesGorge valley of the Rhumel River
LocaleConstantine, Algeria
Other name(s)قنطرة السونسور
(The lift Bridge)
DesignSuspension bridge
MaterialSteel, Concrete
Total length125 m (410 ft) [1]
Width2.40 m (7 ft 10 in) [1]
Height107 m (351 ft)[2]
No. of spans110 m (360 ft) [2]
DesignerFerdinand Arnodin
Construction start1917
OpenedApril 12, 1925

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