Meletius II of Constantinople

Meletius II (Greek: Μελέτιος Β΄; died 5 January 1780) served as Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople during the period 1768–1769.

Meletius II
Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople
ChurchChurch of Constantinople
SeeEcumenical Patriarchate
Installed16 November 1768
Term endedApril 1769
SuccessorTheodosius II
Personal details
Died5 January 1780
DenominationEastern Orthodox Church
OccupationEcumenical Patriarch

He was born in Tenedos. From 1750 until 1768 he served as metropolitan bishop of Larissa and then was elected Ecumenical Patriarch. During the uprising of 1769 he was dismissed and was exiled to Mytilene. In 1775, with permission of the Sultan Mustafa III he returned to Tenedos and in 1777 to Istanbul, where he died destitute in 1780.

He was probably buried on Tenedos. In the late 20th century, his fragmentary tombstone was discovered in the garden of North Bank, a mansion in Muswell Hill, London, where it may have been taken as a souvenir in the 19th century. In 2013, the stone was returned to Istanbul, in the custody of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.[1][2]


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