Melastoma is a genus in the family Melastomataceae. It has over 100 species distributed around Southeast Asia, India, north to Japan, south to Australia and the Pacific Islands.[1] The number of species should probably be reduced according to some sources.[2] Many species have been planted around the world for the aesthetic value of their bright purple flowers.

Starr 031118-0086 Melastoma septemnervium.jpg
Melastoma candidum
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Tracheophytes
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Eudicots
Clade: Rosids
Order: Myrtales
Family: Melastomataceae
Genus: Melastoma

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Species in this genus are native to temperate and tropical Asia, Seychelles, Pacific and Australasia.[1] Several have the capacity to become invasive species, in Hawaii and other areas.


Melastoma sp., W. Bengal

As of November 2020, Plants of the World Online (PoWO) accepted the following species.[1] An additional species, Melastoma malabituin, was described in 2020.[3]


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