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Melaghar Camp was a training camp for freedom fighters during Liberation war of Bangladesh. In a cabinet meeting of Bangladesh government, held on July 11, 1971, Bangladesh forces was divided into eleven sectors. Melaghar, near Agartala, India, was the headquarters of sector two.[1]

Sector InformationEdit

The sector Commander of sector two in Melaghar camp was Major Khaled Musarraf (late Maj Gen Khaled Mosharraf Bir Uttam) till October 21, 1971 and then Captain A T M Hyder (late Lt Col ATM Hyder Bir Uttam psc) from October 22 to December. A brigade named ‘K-force’ was formed in Melaghar camp by Major Khaled Musharraf along with A. T. M. Hyder in September, 1971 and consisted of 4, 9 and 10 East Bengal Regiments. The freedom fighters from this camp fought against the Pakistan Army in the eastern part of Faridpur, Noakhali, part of Comilla and Dhaka city.[1][2]

The first guerrilla unit under K force was developed here to attack the Pakistan army in Dhaka city.[3]

Surroundings and Life in Melaghar CampEdit

Melaghar camp ranged a few miles. Hills, jungles surrounded the area. The earthen path to camp was uneven and a little rain could make it slippery.[4][5]

Freedom fighters from several districts came to Melaghar camp for training. But most of the trainees in this camp were from Dhaka. The brief training program for each group of freedom fighters lasted hardly 15 days. Each night, two or three groups of freedom fighters, guerrillas used to enter a certain region of their country with ammunition to fight against Pakistan army.[3][4][6]

Life was rigorous. The freedom fighters trained two times a day. There was a very limited supply of food, water and medication in the camp.[3][5]