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Mel Buttle

Melinda Claire Buttle (born 25 January 1982) is an Australian comedian and writer. In April 2013, she was awarded the Directors Choice Award at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for her solo show 'How Embarrassment'. She is currently writing on and starring in Network Ten's This Week Live as a live correspondent. She is also a regular guest on radio stations Triple J, Nova and 612 ABC Brisbane and writes weekly for the Queensland statewide newspaper The Courier Mail as well as ABC's The Drum.[1][2]

Mel Buttle
Born Melinda Claire Buttle
(1982-01-25) 25 January 1982 (age 36)
Brisbane, Queensland
Nationality Australian
Occupation Comedian and writer
Partner(s) Sophie Diver


Early lifeEdit

Buttle was raised in Samford, a semi-rural suburb north-west of Brisbane, Queensland. She completed her schooling as a boarder at St Margaret's Anglican Girls' School in Ascot, Queensland. She is one of only 20 students listed in the Notable Alumnae. She completed a Bachelor of Secondary Education (Drama) in 2003 at Griffith University before moving to Perth in 2004 to complete a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing at Curtin University. Buttle began stand-up comedy as an open mic comedian in Perth before returning to Queensland in 2008 and representing the state at the Raw National Comedy Finals in Melbourne.[3]

Stand up comedyEdit

In 2010, Buttle made her debut at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Brisbane Comedy Festival with her show "Sista Got Flow" for which she was nominated Best Newcomer. In 2011 she returned to the festival circuit with her second show "Buttle & Buttle". She also toured extensively with Comedian Josh Thomas as a support act for his Barry Award Nominated show "Surprise". In 2012 she performed her show "Stop It, You Are!" at the Sydney Fringe Festival which won her Best Comedy.[4] After a one-year hiatus teaching students with special needs at Everton Park State High School, Buttle returned to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with her show "How Embarrassment" which was well received by critics[5] and won her the Directors Choice Award.[6] "How Embarrassment" also debuted at Brisbane Comedy Festival[7] and nominated for Best Local Act at Sydney Comedy Festival 2013. Other notable live performances include stand up comedy at the Sydney Opera House, Homebake Festival,[8] Woodford Folk Festival,[9] Harvest Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow and Up Front Gala. In late 2012, Buttle opened for well known American comedian and actor, Aziz Ansari on his "Buried Alive" tour at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre.[10]


In 2011, she began a weekly segment on Triple J's breakfast show with Tom and Alex titled "Message in a Buttle", followed by "Buttle Theatre" and finally "Mels Strongly Worded Letters" concluding at the end of 2012.[11] In addition, she has regularly appeared on Triple J's Hack and Drive programs. Buttle is a regular guest on 612 ABC Brisbane and in 2011 she filled in on "Afternoons with Richard Fideler" with Katrina Davidson.[12] During the summer of 2010 she filled in for Meshel, Tim and Marty on Nova Brisbane Breakfast. Buttle co-hosted Nova's national "Saturday Session" with Dave Thornton in 2011 and filled in for Hughesy and Kate on Nova Melbourne Breakfast with Tommy Little in June 2013.[13][14]


Buttle first appeared on Network Ten's The 7PM Project in 2010 as a Metro Whip reporter. In the same year, she covered the 2010 federal election for Network Ten's program The Circle. She has appeared in both season one and two of ABC's Tractor Monkeys as a panellist.[15] She has also performed stand up comedy on the Comedy Channel[16] and ABC2's Comedy Up Late. Buttle appeared weekly as a live correspondent on Network Ten's This Week Live and often reports for the "Metro Whip" on The Project.[17] Along with Ray Matsen, Buttle co-wrote the comedy mini series titled Fruit Unit for Network Ten, in which she also appeared.[18]

In July 2015, Buttle and Claire Hooper were announced as the hosts of the second season of The Great Australian Bake Off, which began airing on LifeStyle Food in October.[19] The series returned for a third season in October 2016, and a fourth season in January 2018.


Since 2011, Buttle has written a weekly column for the Queensland statewide newspaper, The Courier-Mail.[20] She is also a writer for ABC's The Drum[21] and Triple J's "J Mag". She has also been published in "Madison" magazine. She has written for television shows such as You're Skitting Me (ABC3)[22] and for Josh Thomas on his show Please Like Me (ABC2)[23] and co-wrote his live show "Everything Ever".[24]

Personal lifeEdit

Since 2011, Buttle has been making podcasts "The Minutes" and "You're Welcome" with friend Patience Hodgson from indie pop rock band "The Grates". Both podcasts debuted at number two on the Australian iTunes Charts.[25] Buttle currently resides in Brisbane with her fiancee Sophie and is managed by Token Artists.[26][27][28]


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