Meknes Royal Military Academy

The Meknes Royal Military Academy (military school of Dar El-Beida before 1961) is the Moroccan Army officer initial training centre, created by General Hubert Lyautey in 1918 at Meknes, it is a unique military institution in North Africa, it was originally created to train the sons of the Moroccan elites close to the colonial administration to become army officers designed to lead the Moroccan troops in the French army and later become exercising administrative positions in the Makhzen like pachas, caïds or khalifas, in 1961,[1] five years after Morocco has gained its independence it became the Royal Military Academy, since then this institution has contributed to the training of many military and administrative cadres in Morocco and Africa.

Meknes Royal Military Academy
Cap Badge of the Meknes Royal Military Academy.jpg
Cap Badge of the Meknes Royal Military Academy
Active1961 to present
BranchRoyal Moroccan Army
RoleArmy Officer Training
ColoursRed, green & golden

This school Has been frequented by many Moroccan military personalities like the general Mohamed Oufkir, Mohamed Medbouh, Ahmed Dlimi etc...[2]


Originally built by Sultan Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah between 1760 and 1775, within the vast Kasbah (citadel) of his great grandfather of Sultan Moulay Ismail, the architect of the palace was most likely a convert to Islam known as El Hassan El Alej Inglizi.

The palace was later deserted after the looting that happened during the period of political instability in Morocco, known as Siba, during the reign of Sultan Sidi Abderrehman, the building was then used as a food depot and arsenal, and then became a military barrack named Kaschla of Tabor the Haraba of Sultan Moulay Hassan I then it became the officers School were Moroccan instructors were trained by the French mission.


The Royal Military Academy's mission is to ensure the complete formation of the active officers of the Royal Moroccan Army as well as training the rifle-men for the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy. It also includes a high school that is responsible for preparing cadets candidates for the baccalaureate of secondary education. The laureates of The Royal Military Academy can become officers in the Royal Moroccan Army, the Moroccan Royal Guard, the Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie and the Auxiliary Forces.


The Royal Military Academy offers a 4 years officer training courses in 3 fields that are Science and Technology, legal Sciences and English Language and Literature, after finishing the 4 years courses the cadets receive the "Diplôme des Etudes Universitaires et Militaires" and are commissioned to the rank of "Sous-lieutenant" or Second lieutenant in the Moroccan military.


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