Mejiro Gym is a kickboxing gym[1] headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.[2] The gym is considered the "birthplace" of Dutch kickboxing.[3]

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Mejiro Gym was founded in 1978 by Jan Plas, a Dutch kickboxer who learned kickboxing from Kenji Kurosaki,[4] a Japanese martial artist who founded the original Mejiro Gym in Mejiro, Tokyo. Vos Gym founder Johan Vos and FFC founder Lucien Carbin were among the founding members of Mejiro Gym Amsterdam.

With its well-known fighters including Rob Kaman[5] and Peter Aerts, Mejiro Gym has become one of the most famous and accomplished kickboxing gyms in the world.[1] Mejiro is regarded as one of the "big three Kickboxing Gyms" in Netherlands, alongside Chakuriki and Vos Gym. Later, the Leeuwarden branch in Friesland, Netherlands was also established.

In 2020, Mejiro Gym opened a new branch in Bali,[6] Indonesia.

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