Meggie Folchart

Meggie Folchart is a character in the Inkheart trilogy, by Cornelia Funke. She is the only daughter to Mo and his wife Teresa ("Resa"). Meggie serves as one of the protagonists of the series.[1] In the Inkheart Films, Meggie is played by Eliza Bennett.

Meggie Folchart
Inkheart trilogy character
Meggie Folchart.jpg
Eliza Bennett as Meggie Folchart in Inkheart
First appearanceInkheart
Last appearanceInkdeath
Created byCornelia Funke
Portrayed byEliza Bennett
FamilyMortimer Folchart (father)
Resa Folchart (mother)
Elinor Loredan
(great-aunt) unnamed brother


Meggie is described as a tall and slim girl with bright, smooth blonde hair and blue eyes. People say she looks just like her mother, except her mother's hair has darkened during the time of slavery to Mortola. Meggie generally wears casual clothing, described as jeans, sweaters and occasionally dresses. She is very laid-back. She loves reading books, especially ones with happy endings, and they are her closest friends. She loves a boy named Farid but, in Inkdeath, gradually her feelings for him became distant as he thought only about Dustfinger's death. In the third book, she shows signs of feeling for Doria (The Strongman's half brother) during Farid's absence. In the end, she chooses to stay with Doria instead of travelling with Farid. She confesses that her heart beats stronger for Doria than Farid. Meggie gave the nickname "Mo" to her father, and has never called him anything else. She also has the talent to read characters out of books. She is a very brave girl but can sometimes be rather stubborn.

Character biographyEdit

  • In the first book Inkheart, Meggie learns that her father can bring stories to life and is being chased by a man called Capricorn for this. She gets captured by Capricorn and Mo comes to save her. Together with her great-aunt Elinor, Dustfinger - a fire-eater, Farid - a boy called from the book Arabian Nights, Fenoglio - the writer of Inkheart and a horned marten named Gwin, Meggie and Mo try to destroy Capricorn and his evil army. She learns that she too has inherited her father's gift, and is forced to read for Capricorn, but Mo helps her defeat him.
  • In Inkspell, Meggie and Farid jump into the book and try to save Mo from an execution. Meggie has a romantic relationship with Farid.
  • In Inkdeath, Meggie follows the strolling players under the leadership of the Black Prince. The romantic relationship with Farid is shattered as Meggie feels betrayed by his inability to come see her due to his service to Orpheus and when he ignores her due to Dustfinger's return. Meggie accompanies the Bluejay [Mo] into Ombra Castle, begins a new relationship with a boy named Doria who she later falls in love with, and helps the strolling players to fend off an attack by the Milksop. She later marries Doria, and forgets all about Farid, who no longer pays attention to Meggie but Dustfinger. Farid, at the end of the book, before leaving to be a fire-dancer, asks Meggie to come with him on the adventures and they can re-create their romantic relationship. She rejects him and she and Doria start dating and then get married later.
  • Meggie's father is Mortimer Folchart and he has the ability to read characters and creatures out of books, just like the power Meggie found of herself. Mo (also called Bluejay or Silvertongue) read his wife, Resa, into Inkheart and ever since has tried to read her back out of it again. If something, or someone, goes into the book, then something has to come out. Then Capricorn, Basta, Dustfinger, and a marten come out. Mo suspects that their two cats which were sitting on Resa's lap substituted for Basta and Dustfinger and a fly substituted for the marten. This was when Inkheart took off and the mysteries and the story unfolded of this magical land.


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