Medal of Merit (Denmark)

The Medal of Merit (Danish: Fortjenstmedaljen) is the oldest extant award medal presented by the Kingdom of Denmark. Established by Christian VII on 16 May 1792, and re-instituted by ordinance of Christian VIII on 24 July 1845, it is a personal award of the Sovereign. [1]

Medal of Merit
Zilveren Medaille van Verdienste Denemarken.gif
Silver Medal of Merit
TypeAward medal
Country Denmark
Presented byHM Margrethe II of Denmark
Post-nominalsF.M.1* (Medal of Merit in Gold with Crown)
F.M.1 (Medal of Merit in Gold)
F.M.2.M.SPÆNDE (Medal of Merit in Silver with Clasp)
F.M.2 (Medal of Merit in Silver)
Established16 May 1792[1]
Denmark Medal RHkors.png
Ribbon bar of the medal
Next (higher)Cross of Honour of the Order of the Dannebrog (Gold Medal)
Medal of Recompense in Gold (Silver Medal)
Next (lower)Ingenio et Arti (Gold Medal)
Medal of Recompense in Silver with Crown (Silver Medal)


Golden Medal of Merit with Crown

The medal, depending on the version, is made of either gold or silver. The obverse bears the effigy, in profile, of The Queen and the inscription, Margareta II – Regina Daniæ. The reverse bears the single word Fortient, surrounded by an oak leaf wreath. Recipient’s name are engraved on the edge of the medal. This indicates that it is the personal property of the recipient, and is not returned upon death, like the badges of some orders of chivalry. The medal is suspended by a red ribbon with a white cross.[1]


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