Medal "For Battle Merit"

The Medal "For Battle Merit" (Russian: Медаль «За боевые заслуги») was a Soviet military medal awarded for "combat action resulting in a military success", "courageous defense of the state borders", or "successful military and political training and preparation".

Medal "For Battle Merit"
Medal for Merit in Combat.jpg
Medal "For Battle Merit" and its ribbon (obverse)
TypeMilitary medal
Awarded for"Combat action resulting in a military success, courageous defense of the state borders, or successful military and political training and preparation"
Presented by Soviet Union
EligibilityCitizens of the Soviet Union
StatusNo longer awarded
EstablishedOctober 17, 1938
Ribbon of the Medal "For Battle Merit"
Next (higher)Medal of Ushakov
Next (lower)Medal of Nakhimov

It was created on October 17, 1938 by the decision of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union. Like the Medal "For Courage", its status was revised to prevent the medal from being given for years of service (a practice that was rampant in the USSR) rather than actual bravery during a battle. More than 5,210,000 medals were awarded between 1938 and 1991.

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