Meathook Seed

Meathook Seed was an industrial metal project formed in 1992 by Napalm Death guitarist Mitch Harris. Since its founding, two Meathook Seed albums were released.[2]

Meathook Seed
OriginUnited Kingdom, United States, France
GenresIndustrial metal,[1] death metal[1]
Years active1992–1993, 1999
LabelsEarache Records, Dream Catcher
Past membersMitch Harris
Donald Tardy
Trevor Peres
Christophe Lamouret
Ian Treacy
Shane Embury
Russ Russell


Debut album Embedded was released in 1993 by Earache. The band consisted at that time of Harris and Obituary members Donald Tardy and Trevor Peres. Peres, being Obituary's guitarist, took the role of vocalist here. The album had two instrumental tracks on it: "Embedded" and "Sea of Tranquility", the latter a nearly 14-minute-long hypnotic track of alienating and electronic sounds, with samples by Shane Embury (also of Napalm Death fame) and Steve Guney.
Earlier prints of the album used printed semi-transparent paper along with thick, coated paper for the artwork, while later editions used regular paper only.[3][4]

Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (B.I.B.L.E.)Edit

In 1999, Meathook Seed released their second album Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (B.I.B.L.E.), recorded by Paul 'Bag' Siddens and Si Reeves at Framework Studios in Birmingham.[5] With the original Obituary members replaced, the band's sound shifted from industrial metal to a more industrial rock sound. French Out vocalist Christophe Lamouret took on the vocals, while former Benediction drummer Ian Treacy took on the percussion and Napalm Death bassist Shane Embury joined on bass. A session guitarist, Russ Russell, was also added to complete the lineup with Harris.

Former membersEdit

  • Mitch Harris - guitar, programming
  • Christophe Lamouret - vocals
  • Ian Treacy - drums, percussion
  • Shane Embury - bass
  • Russ Russell - guitar
  • Donald Tardy - drums
  • Trevor Peres - vocals


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