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McMaster Divinity College, also known as MDC, is a Christian seminary in Hamilton, Ontario. It is affiliated with the Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec, although in practice it is interdenominational, and could be said to more closely align with the broader evangelical tradition. The institution's mission is to develop effective evangelical Christian leaders for the church, academy, and society through university-level education, professional training, and ongoing support.

McMaster Divinity College
MottoKnowing... Being... Doing...
TypeAffiliated college
Established1838 as Canada Baptist College
AffiliationMcMaster University
Religious affiliation
Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec
PresidentStanley E. Porter
Academic staff
Location, ,

43°15′43″N 79°55′6″W / 43.26194°N 79.91833°W / 43.26194; -79.91833Coordinates: 43°15′43″N 79°55′6″W / 43.26194°N 79.91833°W / 43.26194; -79.91833
CampusUrban, 1.2 km² (300 acres)
Library2,000,000 + volumes[1]
ColoursMaroon and Grey          
AffiliationsATS, CBOQ, EFC, CCCU, CHEC



Since its reincorporation in 1957, McMaster Divinity College has remained a separately chartered, affiliate college of McMaster University. McMaster Divinity College is accredited by the ATS, and is also an affiliate with the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. MDC also serves as a resource for many of McMaster University's Christian groups, offering worship and meeting space, as well as hosting outside speakers.


McMaster Divinity College admits students to the following programs of study: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (Christian Theology), Master of Arts (MA) (Christian Studies), Doctor of Practical Theology (DPT), Master of Divinity (MDiv), Master of Theological Studies (MTS), Graduate Diploma in Ministry, and Graduate Certificate in Christian Studies.


The College is located on McMaster University's campus overlooking the main quadrangle. It is a self-contained institution with a chapel, classrooms, and a covered walkway reminiscent of a monastery.[1]


See also the history of McMaster University

McMaster Divinity College traces its origins to the Toronto Baptist College, founded by Sen. William McMaster in 1881. Toronto Baptist's facilities were on Bloor Street in Toronto, now the Royal Conservatory of Music. In 1887, the college secured a charter for an independent sectarian university sponsored by the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec and incorporating the arts and sciences, pastoral and missionary training, and Woodstock College (a Baptist preparatory school). The Ladies department of Woodstock College was transferred to Toronto and renamed Moulton College in honour of William McMaster's widow Susan Moulton McMaster. The University was named in honor of Sen. McMaster, who died in 1888. In 1957, McMaster University was reorganized as a secular public institution, while the theological program became McMaster Divinity College, a separately chartered affiliate college of the University.[2]

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