Mbeya District

Mbeya is a district of Mbeya Region, Tanzania and comprises the area of Mbeya town. It is bordered to the north by Mbeya Rural District, to the east by Rungwe District, to the south by Ileje District and to the west by Mbozi District.

Wilaya ya Mbeya Jijini, Mkoa wa Mbeya
Mbeya City District of Mbeya Region
Mbeya City District of Mbeya Region
Country Tanzania
RegionMbeya Region
First Settledw
 (2012 Census)
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According to the 2012 Tanzania National Census, the population of Mbeya Urban District was 385,479.[1]


Mbeya Urban District is administratively divided into 36 wards:


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Coordinates: 8°30′S 34°00′E / 8.500°S 34.000°E / -8.500; 34.000