The Maybach Mb.IV, originally designated Maybach HS, (only related to the Mb IVa by layout and size), was a six cylinder in-line piston engine of 250 hp (190 kW) output, originally developed for use in airships. It was also used for large aircraft such as the Zeppelin-Lindau Rs.I giant seaplane.

Maybach HS Lu on display at the Polish Aviation Museum
Type 6-cyl. in-line water-cooled piston engine
National origin Germany
Manufacturer Maybach

Variants of the original HS engine included the Maybach HS D and Maybach HS Lu

Variants edit

Maybach HS
Company designation
Maybach HS D
A variant of the HS
Maybach HS Lu
A high compression high altitude rated variant.
The Idflieg designation for production HS engines.

Applications edit

References edit

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Further reading edit

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