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Maxim is the Indian edition of the United Kingdom-based international monthly men's magazine called Maxim. It is known for its revealing pictorials featuring popular actresses, singers, and female models, none of which are nudes. The first issue of the Indian edition of Maxim was the January 2006 issue featuring Priyanka Chopra on the cover.[3][4] The first issue was released on 28 December 2005.[5] The magazine was the first international men's magazine to enter the Indian market and the 30th international version of Maxim.[6] The magazine is published under license in India by Media Transasia.[7]

Maxim India cover (Sonakshi Sinha).jpg
Deepika Padukone on the cover of Maxim 2017.
Editor-in-ChiefVivek Pareek[1]
Former editors
  • Anup Kutty
  • Sunil Mehra
Staff writersSaurav Bhanot
Shobhita Dutt
PublisherXavier Collaco
First issueJanuary 2006 (2006-01)
CompanyMedia Transasia India Ltd.[2]
Based inGurgaon

Largely covering everything related to men's lifestyle, Maxim is currently the industry leader for men's magazines in India.


Maxim Hot 100Edit

Each year since 2008, the Indian edition of Maxim releases the Maxim Hot 100.[8] The winners and their corresponding ages and the year in which the magazine was released are listed below.

Year Choice Age Notes
2008 Deepika Padukone   22 Youngest winner.[9]
2009 Bipasha Basu   30 [10]
2010 Sonam Kapoor   25 [11][12][13]
2011 Priyanka Chopra   29
2012 Kareena Kapoor   31 [14][15][16][17]
2013 Priyanka Chopra   31 First woman to win twice.[18][19][20]
2014 Katrina Kaif   31
2015 Katrina Kaif   32 Second woman to win twice
2016 Priyanka Chopra   33 First woman to win for 3rd time.
2017 Deepika Padukone   31 Third woman to win twice.
2018 Priyanka Chopra   35 First woman to win for 4th time


The magazine's inaugural issue in January 2006 featured a page called "Women you will never see in Maxim - 100% fake". Among the photos was a full-page morphed photograph showing Kushboo "posing" in black underwear, along with the caption "Of course, I am a virgin if you don't count from the behind." The caption was in reference to remarks made by Kushboo in 2005 whether or not modern men should expect their brides to be virgins.[21] The actress described the photo, which showed only her head, as "immodest". Kushboo filed a petition with Chennai police commissioner R. Nataraj on 30 January 2006, citing two complaints: defamation and the indecent representation of women. The Supreme Court dismissed the case on 22 May 2006.[22][23]


The following have served as Editor-in-Chief of Maxim:

S. No. Name From To
1 Sunil Mehra January 2006 June 2006
2 Anup Kutty July 2006 August 2009
3 Vivek Pareek present


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