Max von Schenkendorf

Max von Schenkendorf

Gottlob Ferdinand Maximilian Gottfried von Schenkendorf (11 December 1783 in Tilsit in East Prussia – 11 December 1817 in Koblenz) was a German poet, born in Tilsit and educated at Königsberg. During the War of Liberation, in which he took an active part, Schenkendorf was associated with Arndt and Körner in the writing of patriotic songs. His poems were published as Gedichte (1815), Poetischer Nachlass (1832), and Sämtliche Gedichte (1837; fifth edition, 1878). For his Life, consult Hagen (Berlin, 1863); Knaake (Tilsit, 1890); E. von Klein, M. von Schenkendorf (Vienna, 1908).



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