Thanlwin Bridge (Mawlamyine)

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Thanlwin Bridge (Mawlamyaing) was the longest bridge in Myanmar before the construction of Pakouku Bridge[1] and connects the city of Mawlamyaing with Mottama. Constructed at the confluence of the Thanlwin River, the Gyaing River and the Attayan River in Mon State, the bridge has a two-mile (3 km)-long motor road and four-mile (6 km)-long railroad as well as pedestrian lanes.[2]

Thanlwin (Mawlamyaing) Bridge
သံလွင်တံတား (မော်လမြိုင်)
Coordinates16°30′40″N 97°37′04″E / 16.51111°N 97.61778°E / 16.51111; 97.61778Coordinates: 16°30′40″N 97°37′04″E / 16.51111°N 97.61778°E / 16.51111; 97.61778
Carries2 lanes (SB and NB), 1 rail track (14 ft), 2 sidewalks(6 ft each)
CrossesSalween River via Shampoo Island
LocaleMawlamyaing and Mottama, Mon State
Official nameThanlwin Bridge, (Mawlamyaing)
Maintained byMinistry of Transportation
DesignSteel Frame Truss bridge, & Cantilever Bridges and Access Bridges
Total lengthRoad bridge 1,624 ft (495 m) Mawlamyaing Bank, 2,252 ft (686 m) Mottama Bank, Main Frame 7,699 ft (2,347 m) or 2.2 miles (3.1 km) (total bridge)
Rail bridge 6,442 ft (1,964 m) Mawlamyaing Bank, 7,498 ft (2,285 m) Mottama Bank, Main Frame 7,699 ft (2,347 m), 21,618 ft (6,589 m) or 4.1 miles (total bridge)
Width2 traffic lanes ~28 feet (~ 8.5 m), single rail track~14 ft(~4.3 m), 2 Sidewalks (~12 ft)
Construction start18 March 2000
Construction end18 April 2005
Opened18 April 2005
The Bridge linking a 708 km highway

The approach structure of the rail bridge on Mawlamyaing bank is 1.22 miles (1,960 m) long, and on Mottama bank is 1.42 miles (2,290 m) long. The total length of the rail bridge is 4.1 miles (6,600 m) long.[3] The bridge was designed and built by Ministry of Construction.[2]

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