Mausoleum of Shah Abbas I

The Mausoleum of Shah Abbas I (Persian: آرامگاه شاه عباس بزرگ) is the burial place of Abbas I, the Safavid king of Persia. The mausoleum is located in Kashan, Iran. According to the dates on the mihrab of the tomb, the primary structure was built before 12th century. The structure was expanded in the Safavid era. In the southwestern portico, there is a rectangular stone, which originates in Caucasus.[1][2]

Mausoleum of Shah Abbas I
آرامگاه شاه عباس بزرگ
Habib Musa.JPG
Mausoleum of Shah Abbas I is located in Iran
Mausoleum of Shah Abbas I
Location within Iran
Alternative namesEmamzadeh Habib ebn-e Mussa
General information
LocationKashan, Iran
Coordinates33°58′53″N 51°26′23″E / 33.9814°N 51.4396°E / 33.9814; 51.4396Coordinates: 33°58′53″N 51°26′23″E / 33.9814°N 51.4396°E / 33.9814; 51.4396


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