Maurist Party

The Maurist Party (Spanish: Partido Maurista, PM), initially known as the Maurist Conservatives (Spanish: Conservadores Mauristas, CM) or simply the Maurists (Spanish: Mauristas), was originally a political faction within the Liberal Conservative Party, led by Antonio Maura, which split from the party in 1913 after Eduardo Dato's election as Conservative leader. A loose association of Maura's supporters at first, in 1918 it officially became a political party of its own.[1]

Maurist Party
Partido Maurista
LeaderAntonio Maura
Split fromConservative Party

The party lost relevance after Miguel Primo de Rivera's coup in 1923 and Maura's death in 1925. In early 1931, the Constitutional Centre party was founded by three leading maurists (César Silió, Antonio Goicoechea and the son of Antonio Maura, Gabriel) after negotiations in late 1930 in order to stablish a federation of right-wing forces between Catalan regionalists and maurists.[2]

Electoral performanceEdit

Restoration CortesEdit

Election Seats Leader
22 / 408
Antonio Maura
17 / 409
31 / 409
104 / 409
24 / 409
12 / 409


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