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Maungdaw (Burmese: မောင်တောမြို့; MLCTS: maung:tau mrui., pronounced [máʊɴdɔ́ mjo̰]) is a town in Rakhine State, in the western part of Myanmar (Burma). It is the administrative seat of Maungdaw Township and Maungdaw District. Maungdaw is a town of Myanmar and borders Bangladesh. Maungdaw is 16 miles away from Buthidaung. The two towns are separated by the May Yu Mountains and are connected by two tunnels built in 1918.


A street in Maungdaw
A street in Maungdaw
Maungdaw is located in Myanmar
Location in Myanmar (Burma)
Coordinates: 20°49′N 92°22′E / 20.817°N 92.367°E / 20.817; 92.367
Country Myanmar
Division Rakhine State
DistrictMaungdaw District
TownshipMaungdaw Township
 • Total582.92 sq mi (1,509.8 km2)
10 ft (3 m)
 • Ethnicities
80% Rohingya
 • Religions
Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism
Time zoneUTC+6:30 (MMT)
British troops stand at the entrance to the Maungdaw-Buthidaung road captured by the Allied 15th Corps in January 1944.


In 2008, the population was nearly 400,000 people. The majority of the populace, about 80%, are Rohingya people, who are considered by Myanmar government as stateless Bengali people. The Burmese government does not accept Rohingya on its list of ethnic groups of Myanmar, and thus does not recognize their claim on Burmese citizenship.[2] The remainder of the populace consists of a wide range of ethnic groups, including Rakhine, Bamar, Daingnet, and Mro.


As of 2011, there are eight high schools, 10 middle schools, 16 post-primary schools and 125 primary schools.[3]


Maungdaw has conducted trade with the Bangladeshi town of Teknaf since September 1995.[4]


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