Mauger, Count of Corbeil


Mauger, jure uxoris Count of Corbeil was the third son of Richard I of Normandy, and ruled as Count of Corbeil through his wife Germaine, daughter of Aymon, Count of Corbeil.[1] "Corbeil" is thought to be the modern Corbeil-Essonnes on the River Seine about 17 miles south-east of Paris.[2][full citation needed]


Mauger was a son of Richard I, Duke of Normandy and his second wife, Gunnor.[3] He was a younger brother of duke Richard II and uncle of duke Robert I.[3] He married in the year 1012, Germaine, daughter of Aymon, Count of Corbeil, and his wife Elizabeth.

He may have been the father of William "Werlenc", Count of Mortain, though this is disputed.[4]


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